‘A highly creative architectural studio with an outstanding team that delivers versatile out of the box solutions.’


Our smart, highly creative team have enabled ARTEC Studio to become what it is today, a unique Prishtina based architectural studio changing the way people live, feel and interact in their favorite places! We’ve mastered the styles and techniques and took architectural design to another level. We don’t identify with any particular style, we just like thinking out of the BOX, like a lot! Combining this approach with proper identification of our clients vision, personality. needs. and always aiming to create functional and lovable spaces helps us bring to life timeless, memorable creations.

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ARTEC architecture office was established in 1993 by Xhelal Llonçari. At present, office based in Prishtina relies on the individual experience of its partners and their common experience for achieving higher results in fields of architecture, interior design and construction management. Our skills lie in developing collective and individual residential projects, interior designs, administration and industrial building design projects, urban design and historic conservation.
Ilir Llonçari i.d.arch
CEO - lead architect
Xhelal Llonçari i.d.arch
Senior Architect - expert
Teuta Kelmendi
Zana Llonçari ma.arch
Lorik Llonçari