Idea M Prishtina Mall

The Idea M stationery shop in Prishtina Mall is a project that is eye-catching now, but with its ability to adapt to changing needs over time it is set to be attractive for years to come. For this project we decided to explore and embrace modular design inspired by scaffolding and employ off-site assemblage which … Continued

Buzuku Prishtina Mall

The Buzuku bookstore in Prishtina mall, designed by us, features a design that incorporates whimsical elements and fairy tale-inspired artwork. The shelving displays are intricate, inviting visitors to explore and discover new stories. The use of natural materials and earthy tones creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The reading areas are scattered throughout the space, … Continued

Burger King

Enjoy our newest interior project for Burger King in Prishtina. A perfect mix of style and comfort to enjoy your favorite Whopper!

Host & Guest

Where sport meets bar.Materials can be what we demand them to be.

Del Posto

A task was in front of us: Add an adjacent space to the existing venue that would serve for a fine dining experience while preserving the ambiance of the existing venue and parallelly upgrade the existing venue with minimal interventions. The aim was to create a sophisticated environment, where the old and the new fuse … Continued

Telegrafi HQ

Telegrafi offices – Moving still space Our client, is one of pioneering online media as well as the most forward-thinking one in the region. Working in the online world, can be often translated into sedentary activity, with less social interactions, with employers often reporting that it is harder to switch off, and that they … Continued


Gifted students “Ice and Fire club” Having a rather challenging brief of incorporating multiple functions of being a cinema, debate club, book club as well as a space for group meetings, nonformal lectures and a collaborative/working space we had to come up with an innovative way of addressing the client’s needs in a cohesive space. … Continued


150m2 | Prishtinë, Kosovë [built 2019] Photos: Berat Kabashi

AI flat

70m2 | Prishtinë, Kosovë [built 2019] Photos: Berat Kabashi

Kësh Flat

65m2 | Prishtina, Kosovë [built 2018] *pictures not shown due to owners request


350m2 | Çagllavicë, Prishtinë [built 2009]